Why Data is Important in Digital Marketing

Everything is connected.

The modern consumer journey requires data to know where your consumers are coming from, what is generating leads, what information is resonating with them, and what a normal buying cycle is like for your company. Someone sees a post on Facebook, follows you on Instagram, and sees a new product, reads your latest blog but doesn’t purchase until they see your ad pop up alongside another website. It’s a different kind of user journey! The user journey is now much more complex and typically involves multiple platforms and campaigns.

Your marketing data ensures you are following the leads and the people, not individual metrics.

As we tell our clients or potential clients, the marketing data and your customers drive the marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy is integral to success but even more important is properly reading the data and pivoting your strategy for your customer.
There is a lot of data you can generate in today’s world. The data you’re pulling will be set by your marketing strategy. Some of the data you can be collecting could be:


  • Web analytics
  • Social media data
  • Email marketing
  • Blog and content creation
  • Lead generation